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Whiplash is the most common injury sustained during a rear-end auto accident. Even minor fender-benders can cause this neck injury. If you suspect you’re suffering from whiplash, other neck pain, call or schedule an appointment online with Kevin R. Barry, DC, at Bishops Corner Family Chiropractic in West Hartford, Connecticut. Dr. Barry can diagnose and treat whiplash conditions and relieve your pain.

Whiplash Q&A

What is whiplash?

Whiplash is an injury caused by a sudden movement of the head and neck in a forward and backward, whip like motion. It can be caused by an auto accident, a fall, or an impact injury while playing sports. Whiplash injuries can cause damage to soft muscle and ligament tissue as well as damage to bones in the neck and spine.

What are the symptoms of whiplash?

Whiplash symptoms may be felt immediately, or take some time to appear. Not everyone will experience the same symptoms or even all of the symptoms. Symptoms likely to occur with whiplash include:

  • Stiffness or soreness in the neck and shoulder area
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Arm pain
  • Weakness in the arms, neck and back.

How do I know if I have whiplash?

There are tests to determine if you’ve suffered an injury associated with whiplash. One test is a series of X-rays to see if there is any damage to the bones in your neck and spine.

A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) study will show if there are any injuries to muscles and ligaments (soft tissues).

The results of these tests will determine the treatments needed to start the healing process.

What treatments help whiplash injuries?

If there is a spinal alignment issue after a whiplash injury, a spinal adjustment will be recommended by Dr. Barry to correct any alignment problems and release any impinged nerves caused by the injury.

For soft tissue injuries, you will likely start a rehabilitation program to ease the tension of your muscles and allow them to heal and regain their range of motion. Rehabilitation programs will frequently combine exercises to strengthen muscles and massage to eliminate tension and increase blood flow for healing. These methods along with proper rest and good posture will go along way in returning you to full health.

With prompt treatment, most people recover fully from whiplash injuries. Dr. Barry, at Bishops Corner Family Chiropractic, believes in educating his patients about their injuries and working with them as a team throughout their treatment and rehabilitation.